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Subscription Management

Can I make changes to my subscription?

Absolutely! We make it easy for you to customize your subscription however you would like. Log into your account here: You can skip deliveries, change delivery frequency, add free product each month, and much more. O

How do I create an account?

After your first order is placed, we auto-create an account for you. To access your account, simply visit this link: You will receive a confirmation code on your phone and email to login.

Can I add more than 2 pouches to my subscription?

Yes! However, this can be difficult for you to manage through your account portal. If you want to add more than 2 pouches to your subscription, reach out to your Grüns Care Bears at [email protected] and we'll get you squared away with a bigger discount

How do I update my shipping address or payment information?

Login to your account here: Click the 'Edit' button next to Shipping Information or Billing. Make the changes necessary and then click Save. You should see your updated shipping address or payment information reflect

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Of course! We make it easy to cancel. Simply log into your online account here or contact your Grüns Care Bears at [email protected]

What if I am moving or traveling?

Moving?. If you know your new address, you can go ahead and update it in your account for future orders. If you need a little time to get settled in, you can also schedule your next upcoming order for a later date that is convenient for you. Here is

How do I edit delivery frequency?

If you're eating a snack pack of Grüns less frequently than daily, you may find it helpful to adjust your delivery frequency. Here's how you can do just that!. Login to your account here: Update the delivery frequenc